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Routine Dentist Check-up Saints Dental


Every six months, or two years, depending on your specific needs, Saints Dental is able to help you grow older, stronger and fitter just by preventing all kinds of toothaches when you snap a selfie, chew or even chill out on the couch with your family.

In some cases, a visit to the dentist can lead to the discovery of a life-threatening disease. You mightn’t have known this before, but in some rare cases, dentists do save lives! Cancerous mouth ulcers can be prevented, and bleeding gums may also be a sign of liver failure and that’s why, some choose to label the mouth as the ‘Gateway to Perfect Health.’

The Mouth as the ‘Gateway to Perfect Health’

It’s relatively unknown that just by attending Saints Dental for a check-up you could save your life, preventing a range of diseases from taking over your entire body! Though ensuring that you have no signs of tooth decay or gum disease are routine for your Dentist to do, we always make sure to have a fully qualified Dental Technician, as opposed to a student or hygienist to ensure that the mouth with the entire anatomy of your teeth is healthy, to stop any diseases we may be able to, where they start.

Just a few steps away from your local groceries at Foodland, we’ll be able to arrange the perfect treatment plan for your overall health in no time. Whether its a cosmetic enhancement, seriously painful or simply unable to cure bad breath, there are a range of different options that your Dentist can provide.


What is Gum Disease?

The result of forgetting to brush your teeth as often as everyday for an untold number of days in a row. It’s inflammatory, meaning that your mouth could burn due to prolonged growth of tooth decay, abscesses, fungal infections (including mouth thrush) with a dry mouth due to low saliva levels. One or more of the symptoms may apply for you to rush to the dentist right now!


Benefits of Gum Disease Prevention

An anti-aging secret that you’ll never want to forget? whispers* The Dentist. Yes, that’s right, if you leave your mouth for too long without actually getting a professional clean due to plaque build-up, gum disease or gingivitis, your jawline structure can change due to jawbone and tooth decay, especially given instances when difficulty chewing can change the structure of your mouth for good, you’ll want to ensure that Gum Disease is quickly gone.

Without using a toothbrush or floss, plaque will harden and build up all around the mouth to be found by a dentist with all of the necessary professional instruments. The most familiar, nothing threatening- just a double-sided mini-mirror.


Diabetes and other Chronic Health Conditions, for Dental Patients

Beyond plain oral health, every trip to the Dentist counts. Starting with routine check-ups to
prevent the ongoing effects of Diabetes or anything more serious that could be effecting your liver, lungs or kidneys. People with Diabetes should make sure to attend appointments every 6-8 months, and will not be alone, with approximately 7% of Australians effected by this disease each year.


Dentist Appointments for Diabetes, Salisbury Plain

Heightened levels of blood glucose levels can lead to a range of oral health problems and in particular, gum disease. Attending your regular check-ups at Saints Shopping Centre can remove risks from the mouth and teeth to keep your blood glucose levels at their best.


Routine Dental Check-ups and Chronic Health Conditions, Salisbury Plain 

Not brushing your teeth at night can increase the risk of cardiovascular or ‘Heart Disease.’ Using the mouth as the gateway to perfect health, attending to dental issues early enough by attending Saints Dental regularly can help to prevent or even spot the following diseases:

● Depression
● Rhuematoid Arthritis
● Inflammatory Disease
● Asthma
● Diabetes
● Dementia
● Cancer


Saints Shopping Centre, Routine Dental Appointments and Maintaining Oral Hygiene 

Haven’t attended the dentist in a while? Not to worry, we’re here to help. Poor Dental Hygiene issues could lead to a serious infection of the gums, and if you haven’t been to a dentist in a while, the list could be long! We expect this visit to be a discovery process, that will remove a-lot of debris to bring back your best smile. Here is what to expect:

  • Checking for signs of gum damage and cleaning all around the pockets of the teeth.
  • Scanning along the jawbone to check for any signs of gum damage.
  • Preventing swelling, redness or pain when chewing.

Preventative Dentistry is able to aid with anti-aging. If any tooth decay appears, having any tooth remodeling done and maintaining your jawline to be as photoshop free as possible. Next steps to a perfect smile? May include tooth removal. Meaning that you won’t have to stop to feel a wobble or check if a tooth is still there anytime soon.

Biting evenly, bad breath and bad tastes in the mouth are all attended to at the same appointment. The next goal when you come back from having a tooth removal is to be able to walk home with one of your favorite foods from the Saints Shopping Centre, to bite into with ease!


Saints Dental Cosmetic Dentistry, Routine Check-ups for the Perfect Smile

Staying free of any potential diseases that may arise can also lead to anti-aging benefits just by keeping your pearly whites clean, which will stop you having to stop off to get any quick fix products just for a day or two. While keeping your perfect smile in alignment with all teeth aligning evenly will prevent your jawline from sagging. To preserve the natural structure of your mouth and smile.


Routine Dental Check-ups and Wellbeing

Doing the best for your family as well as mind, body, and soul- The healthiest smile that preserves the natural structure of your teeth can assure you keep visiting karaoke bars for life. Missing teeth could stop you from nailing your favorite karaoke tracks. You can also sleep, work and snap selfies with ease knowing that there’s nothing wrong with your teeth. It’s only a quick trip to the Dentist.


Saints Dental, Routine Dental Check-up Process

Each step will involve a different professional instrument, all appointments involve cleaning plaque and removing debris without damaging enamel, to stay strong against any foods or alcohol that potentially could!


  • Remove any Plaque
  • Polish the Teeth
  • Check for signs of Tooth Decay and Gum Disease
  • Potential X-Ray
  • Dentist Discussion
  • Dental Treatment Plan

Most Common Dental Problems:

  • Sensitive Teeth
  • Cracked or Swollen Teeth
  • Receding Gums
  • Gingivitis or Gum Disease
  • Root Infections
  • Enamel Erosion
  • Cavities

Mild Problems your Dentist May Treat Immediately:

  • Tooth Decay
  • Cavities
  • Toothache
  • Gum Disease
  • Bad Breath

Appointment Time: Approximately 1 hour.


Routine Dental Appointments for Children, Saints Dental, Saints Shopping Centre

Saints Dental is an easy walk from a range of fast-food stores and the local grocery store, Foodland. It’s a friendly and familiar place to visit, and our helpful dentist provides gentle dental treatments for children. It is recommended to make an appointment within the first 6 that your toddler gets their first tooth.

Taking your child to the dentist regularly will help to establish good dental hygiene, and prevent any oral health problems, keeping their smile as healthy as possible. At the routine dental check-up the dentist will look at the growth of new teeth and provide interceptive orthodontic treatment for the straight positioning of teeth where they can see it may be possible.

Pre-Orthodontic Treatment at Saints Dental Salisbury Plain may include myobraces which are for growing adult teeth and preventing the use of braces in the future as early as possible.  Improving head posture and ensuring the perfect alignment of teeth for life. myobraces are usually prescribed for children aged 5-10 years of age that show signs of forming an uneven alignment of teeth.

The dentist will check all the baby teeth, and adult teeth if any, plus gums and plaque build-up. Once all of your child’s adult teeth have appeared, they might need braces to ensure that their teeth are as straight as possible. From the ages of approximately 12-18, making adjustments, replacing wires and attending to rubber bands, it’s much easier to keep the area’s of teeth covered by braces clean by attending Saints Dental regularly 4-8 months.

Traditional braces may increase the risk of cavities, so make sure that regular check-ups remain in place. Last but not least, teeth aligners may be used to phase out braces. Every dentist appointment ensures that your child’s teeth are maintained as best as possible into early adulthood and beyond.

Ready to book-in for a Routine Dental Appointment? We’ll ensure that you have a healthy grin, rest easier and feel more confident all year around at Saints Dental.

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